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Lately, I've been getting DMs via Instagram about the apps I use to edit my photos on Instagram. Instead of answering every single person, I figured it would be best to share with everyone the apps I use to edit!
using @candidlychan preset

lightroom (mobile)

Lightroom is my favorite app. I just feel like it makes any photo look 10X better. You're really able to fine tune and edit your photos to a professional level if you put the time into it. At the moment, I am using a preset created by Chandler DeHart, ig: @candidlychan. However, I use this as my "base filter" because her preset is set for her complexion, her usual backgrounds, and so on. I like her preset for the strong contrasts and gray tones, but again, I usually make my own adjustments to make my photos a little brighter and softer. I recommend finding a filter or preset that you really like and then using that to create your own. You do this by playing around with different settings, making adjustments, and finding what works best for your photos/feed. Then you can save those settings and copy and paste them onto another photo to keep consistency!

photo is mine, preset used to edit this photo is mine


I don't use VSCO as much anymore, but when I do, I use it lightly and usually on top of any editing that I have already done in Lightroom. Currently my filter of choice is A4, but I have used A6, J2, and J5 in the past. They all have a very minimalistic, clean feel to them, which is how I like my feed to look. I tend to rotate between warm and cool tones and how tinted and saturated my photos are, which is the only real difference between those filters. I primarily use VSCO for it's fade and grain affect.

mine, via ig: @trulyaria

Yes, I use FaceTune, and I'm not ashamed of it! I don't think there is anything terribly wrong with using it to touch up photos. As long as you don't distort yourself entirely, you should definitely use it! It's amazing for little fixes and adding finishing touches. Personally, I use the whiten, smooth, and detail tools the most; the whitening tool to whiten whites and bring back brightness to my photos (yes, I whiten my eyes and teeth, but I use no more than half of the bar so it doesn't look super edited...though I have over edited several photos...yikes); the smoothing tool to blur backgrounds or pixelated areas (God forbid) and my skin; and the detailing tool to emphasize anything that I want to stand out.

Now, don't get it twisted--I'm no pro at editing. Truthfully, half of my skills come from trial and error, and the other half comes from watching YouTube videos or reading posts from some of my favorite influencers and bloggers on how they edit their photos. But I am thinking about making this a short series of posts on curating an IG feed, creating IG stories and highlights, and so on...What do you guys think? Do you want me to go into even more detail on how I edit my photos? Leave me a comment down below on what you want to know!

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