Let me start off by saying that I never really cared about in flight skincare. Sure, once I'm in the comfort of my Airbnb or hotel, I'll begin my skincare regimen. I'll even add in an extra face mask or serum to help refresh and detoxify my skin. But doing an inflight skincare routine whilst inside of a plane? Yeah, no, I've never done that.

As much of a skincare enthusiast as I am, I've never felt the need to have a routine for my flights. This could be due to past insecurities about my skin, or the lack of confidence I have in myself when it comes to properly cleansing my skin without a sink.

If you ask me today how I feel about inflight skincare, it's not even a question. Those aren't concerns for me anymore, so why would I risk a major breakout? I'm going to whip out all of my micellar waters, moisturizers, and facial mists without a care in the world. Listen babes, it's 2019--I don't care if I look bougie with my facial rollers or Summer Fridays face masks. Quite frankly, my skincare is more important than what other people think about me. And that's that on that.

Here's a glimpse of my quick but effective inflight skincare routine (P.M. edition because I tend to take overnight flights into the morning)!

1. just take the day off with a makeup wipe

I find that the best way to remove my makeup in general is with an oil. I usually opt for the Camellia Oil Cleanser by Tatcha ($15-$48 USD) when I'm at home or just organic olive oil, but both of those cleansing oils require a sink. So after some research, I decided to try the makeup wipe version of the Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm by Clinque ($4.50-$14.50 USD). Not even gonna lie, I hate makeup wipes because they hardly remove any makeup and most of the time leave my skin burning. These, however, are saturated with a micellar cleansing liquid to remove any face or eye makeup, and they don't leave my skin itchy or red or burning! I honestly love these so much, and they come in travel size. What more can you ask for?!

After I take off all of my makeup, I still feel like my skin isn't entirely clean, so I go in with a cotton pad and some Garnier Micellar Water ($4 USD, travel size obviously) and remove any excess makeup, oils, or dirt that's on my face, neck, or ears. This usually does the trick.

2. toner makes everything better, I swear

This is super important because it helps your skin maintain a healthy pH balance! I use the Thayer's Witch Hazel Toner with Rose Petals ($12) to help restore the skin's hydration levels while brightening your skin and tightening your pores. It also controls oil production and locks in moisture while doing this. Not to mention, rosewater is packed with Vitamin C, which is key for collagen production, strengthening skin cells, and fading blemishes and scars! It's inexpensive and works wonders.

3. serum time, baby

God knows I live for a good serum, but I don't rotate or buy them as frequently because their natural based ingredients cause them to have a shorter shelf life. I used to use the Farsali Unicorn Essence ($54), which I still love by the way, but this time I decided to use the Sunday Riley A+ Retinoid ($85) and the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serums ($79). Both are lovely for evening your skin tone, correcting dark spots, brightening and clearing skin, and delivering quick hydration that actually leaves your skin feeling plump and moisturized.

4. don't you dare skip that eye serum or cream

Because of my incredibly dry and somewhat dark under eyes, I use both an eye serum and cream to correct any darkness, prevent wrinkles, and hydrate them. My serum and cream of choice are the Chanel Blue Serum Eye ($70) and the Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream ($18), both are travel friendly too.
*tip: I go to my local Nordstrom and ask for a sample of the Chanel Blue Serum, so I don't have to bring mine with me, and it comes in a small travel tube!

5. finally, an actual moisturizer 


Moisturizers are my weakness. There, I said it. I could already have three brand new moisturizers at home and still buy another whilst I'm out because I just love moisturizers! Lately, I've been using two moisturizers--Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin ($9) and Peter Thomas Roth Green Releaf Therapeutic Sleep Cream ($65), which is specifically a night moisturizer. I love these two because they calm any inflammation while smoothing the look of fine lines and improving texture and uneven skin tone. It leaves my skin feeling healthy and moisturized, which is important overall!

*disclaimer/ad: the PTR has melatonin and cannabis sativa seed oil in, but they are legal and free of psychoactive THC and CBD. I felt weird about the cream at first because I'm personally not into the whole cannabis/marijuana health scene, but it was gifted to me by the brand, and I tested it out and actually don't mind it. However, it does make me a bit sleepy after applying it.

6. inflight facial, please

To make sure all of the serums and moisturizers I use are actually seeping into my skin, I use my Skin Gym Jade Facial Roller ($32) to massage everything in. I use the large jade around my face and neck, and the smaller jade around my eyes. I do this for about five minutes before cleansing the jade roller with a hot towelette.

7. don't want jet lag? then you better mask

Thanks to my beautiful friend, Abby, who gifted me the Summer Fridays' Jet Lag Mask ($48), my skin didn't suffer my long flight! It's all the Insta craze right now, so if you don't know about Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores' skincare child, Summer Fridays, I suggest you open a second tab and buy one or all three of their amazing masks. The Jet Lag Mask is a cream mask that is packed with antioxidants and vitamins that if you leave on overnight will deliver a renewed, radiant complexion that feels as soft as an angel.

8. you know your lips deserve better

Doesn't hurt to go beyond putting a lip balm on, use the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment ($24) for dual exfoliation and moisturizing action.

And I'm judging you if you don't have your own mini skincare routine for your flights. XX #SorryForYourSkin

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