Arianna, or Aria, is a 21 years old BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion Undergraduate and lifestyle blogger originally from Michigan, USA but currently living in London, UK. She's been sharing her visual diary of style and travels through the curation of neutral toned aesthetics for four years now on Instagram. She often writes open letters to herself and her followers in hopes of feeling less alone in this big world. You can either find her all dressed up at an event in Soho or barefaced and under the covers watching a film--there's no in-between. The way to her heart is in fact a Chanel or Dior handbag, but a coconut milk latte will suffice.

Someone once told me that I have Bambi eyes and a spine as fragile as a butterfly's. At first I took it as a compliment wrapped up in poetry...oh how naive of me. What I love so much about that though is that I've taken what's meant to hurt me, and I've used it to build something full of life and beautiful for not only me, but for others to see. In retrospect, I never imagined myself being here, in this very moment, creating content and sharing everything that makes me, well me, with you all. It's safe to say that I've come a pretty long way from lacking self-confidence and battling with mental health, and I couldn't be more proud of myself.

At an early age, I found solace in creating and studying art. I would write my feelings into fictional works. It's how I taught myself how to navigate this wild ride we call life. Over the years, my fondness for aesthetics and curation (fashion, beauty, art) amongst other things like traveling and writing grew tremendously, healing the growing pains of my past. To this day, I'm still in awe of how my passions and faith got me here. I am forever grateful for the opportunities that have come my way and for all of the inspiring people I meet through social media.

My only expectation here, and I can't say that I won't overpromise, but I want to create a meaningful space exploring the balance between the frivolously exciting highs and the painfully mundane lows of my life. While I know I'll frustrate myself aiming to please those who think everything on social media is real, I genuinely just want to write things that other people like me find intriguing and inspiring. I want to share the light that's within me with others. If being transparent with the dark parts of my life gives you a glimmer of hope that it gets better, then I'm happy. If sharing my overly booked fashion week schedules pushes you to work harder, then I'm happy. If posting my travel diaries makes you wanderlust, then I'm happy. If I can convince you that momentary happiness comes in a little Dior jar, then I'm happy. As much as this blog is for me, it's for you. Take what you want from it and enjoy yourself while reading this.

That's why you'll find a bit of everything here, from skincare routines to think-pieces, to curated wishlists of coveted fashion finds and the memories of travels. If I'm being honest, I'm just trying to live a life where my apartment looks like a museum, my closet looks like Carrie Bradshaw's, and my heart looks like a peony and rose garden all the while deepening my relationship with God.

I'm now entering my twenties as a young woman with a romantic soul and embracing my Bambi eyes. If you're anything like me ,and you constantly find yourself drifting somewhere between your personal desires and sharing your life online, then this is the space for you. I welcome you as you are with open arms and lots of love.
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