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It's no surprise that summer is approaching fast, which means you're either lightening up on your makeup routine or trying every product under the sun to keep the sun from ruining your freshly beat full face.

Now not all of us feel comfortable going makeup free, nor do we want or have to just because it's summer. But with the sunny season around the corner, it's nice to have just a handful of staple products that you know will have you looking amazing in just a short amount of time.

Here are my staple summer products that are quick and easy to use and will have anyone looking freshly bronzed and glowing in just under twenty minutes. 

1. Brow Tint/Gel 

This gives a full brow effect, perfect for that effortless bushy brow look. 
Beauty Tip: use castor oil on brows to grow them and make them fuller.
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2. Tinted Moisturizer, Light-Medium Coverage Foundation with SPF. 

You want your skin to shine through. Embrace those freckles, sun spots, and laugh lines. The less you put on, the less you have to worry about the sun melting your makeup off or about your pores clogging up in the heat. I always opt for a hydrating or silky medium coverage foundation that I can sheer out around my nose and eyes where my freckles are, but keep a good amount of coverage on some of my more stubborn acne scars.  
Beauty Tip: Don't have clear skin or worried about imperfections? Don't stress, I have a post on how to clear your skin within one week. Read it here.

3. Liquid Highlighter. 

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with looking as shiny and glowy as possible without looking oily. The best way to achieve this is by using a liquid highlighter. It gives you that "from within" kind of glow, and depending on how you apply it, it can also give you this wet look that I'm obsessed with. This summer though, I'm aiming for that fresh face glow that is somewhere in between "from within glow" and "dripping in highlighter". What can I say? I love looking luminous.
Beauty Tip: Use a beauty sponge or your fingers to press it into your skin before your foundation, so it doesn't cake up or separate. 

4. Bronzer. 

Cream bronzers are perfect for summer because they melt into your skin like a dream, but momma did not raise a fool, and I set it with a bronzer that has little reflective highlight bits in it. This keeps you looking more fresh faced than done up in my opinion. I don't have defined cheekbones, so I go in with a matte contour powder to sculpt my face out a little.
Beauty Tip: Keep in mind that bronzer is simply meant to warm up your face. You always want to go for a sun-kissed look so nothing too harsh or muddy looking, or you'll look a little too unnatural. 

5. Blush 

For me, the blush is what makes a fresh face makeup look believable, especially in the summer because a lot of use have redness around our noses or cheeks and blush gives that natural effect. I do this to almost get a sunburn finish, like I've been out in the sun for too long. 
Beauty Tip: Use a lighter shade of blush around your nose and blend it into your contour with a deeper version of the shade you used. I find that this technique creates a natural gradient and isn't too harsh. It also blends everything together more.

6. Lip plumper + Lipgloss. 

Everyone is going for that pout look, and I find that using a lip plumper helps to accomplish this. It's like your lips but better. You also won't have to worry about that weird separation line that your lipstick creates after eating that delicious cauliflower burger or drinking that to-die-for sangria by the beach. Too, lip gloss is super easy to reapply, and it  keeps your lips feeling more hydrated than if you were to opt for a matte. 
Beauty Tip: Exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub to ensure that they are super smooth. Don't have a lip scrub? No worries, I have a whole list of DIY lip scrubs recipes that you can check out here.

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