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This past weekend I took a little trip to TJMAXX for home decor purposes, and I ended up in the beauty isle (no surprise there). There I found this skincare brand, Pearlessence, which looked awfully similar to the high-end skincare brand Herbivore Botanicals (found at Sephora). The only noticible difference between the two brands were the prices, but aesthetically speaking, they shared similar packaging.

Anyway, I picked up three out of the eight, I believe, products that they have for about $15: their Micellar Cleansing Water with Cactus Water, Cucumber Water Hydrating Face Mist, and Rosehip Balancing Facial Oil. I could be wrong on how many products they have so don't quote me on that. I figured I would do a first impressions post on the products I have and update it later with a one brand review.

Micellar Cleansing Water with Cactus Water
(priced at $3)
I adore micellar waters, and it has become a must have in my skincare routine when removing makeup and balancing my skin. What I love about this water is how hydrated and refreshed my skin actually feels after using this, especially around my eyes where I have been getting dry lately. It has a clean smell to it, nothing too strong in my opinion. I love the packaging (this is plastic) and how you get 16.8 fl.oz (496 ml) for only $3. So far no cons, but I'll update you all if anything changes. 

Cucumber Water Hydrating Face Mist
(priced at $5)
As a loyal Mario Badescu customer, I felt guilty for trying this cucumber water before trying his, but it was there, so I bought it? Okay, that sounds bad, but it's what happened. I don't know if I really like this water since I usually stick to rose waters, but so far it's a good face spray. Totally hydrating like it says, and it has a nice cucumber smell, which can get somewhat strong if you spray a lot (me). It gets a little too much for me, but I do it to myself, so that's on me. The only bad thing about this spray is the top nozzle; it doesn't mist as much as it does spray. A tip would be to hold it arms length out to get a mist effect. Other than that, the price, the amount of product you get, and the glass packaging is pretty great. 

Rosehip Balancing Facial Oil
(priced at $6)
I'm a sucker for anything that says rose in it, so I obviously bought this. I'm obsessed with the glass packaging and how clean this looks. I already have one rosehip oil from Palmer's, and I love it, but this one definitely works just as well. It's super lightweight and absorbs into the skin nicely, without looking or feeling greasy. The light rose fragrance is an added bonus. I use this day and night and also mixed in with my Fiona Stiles Luminous Finish Foundation Concentrate, which makes my skin look and feel like a dream. 

Overall, I'm already loving this brand's products and aesthetics and how inexpensive it is. I hate it when I love a skincare brand like Fresh, Dermologica, or Herbivore Botanicals because they become so expensive after a while. However, Pearlessence is a nice drugstore/online brand that is pretty natural (not formulated with parabens I believe) and cruelty free! I'm going to purchase the other products and do an overall review next month. 

Comment if you've tried any Pearlessence products below and tell me how you liked them! x

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