(was published Monday, but deleted for some reason, so here it is again x)

Most people know that I like to keep my outfits pretty minimal and neutral, only adding a muted or blush color when needed or some minimal gold accessories--nothing major. I like to play with proportions and shapes, and this outfit from Saturday definitely does that. Here are the details from this past Saturday's look (pictured above)!

Striped Palazzo Pants from TJMAXX (can be found at Forever 21) -$23

Topshop Crop Wrap Top (from Nordstrom, not pictured, but still worn) -$18
Topshop Crop Wrap Top

H&M Soft Ballet Flats (sold out) -$50

H&M Shoulder Bag -$14

Urban Outfitters Sunglasses (similar, not exact) -$20
Slide View: 2: Vintage Aviator Sunglasses

Hope you liked this outfit as much as I liked wearing it! Remember to comment, subscribe, and share x 

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