If you're a Pinterest lover like myself, then you've most likely seen this hairstyle all over the platform. The bubble pony is not your average ponytail, but it is easy enough to do everyday. It's an editorial take on the popular up-do style that singer-songerwriter Griffy is known for. If you're looking for a new hairstyle to try this fall, this one is it. All you need is a brush, several elastic bands, a little bit of pomade to smooth fly aways and edges, and about five minutes.
You want to start with a sleek high ponytail, and then you'll want to take another elastic and make anotehr ponytail about two inches from your first ponytail, pulling the hair to create a little bubble. Continue on for however long the length of you hair is to complete the ponytail. Lastly, you'll either smooth out your edges and any fly aways with a light gel or pomade, or you can take a few pieces of hair out to frame your face. Et voila! The perfect up-do to wear day or night.

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