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Living in Michigan during the wintertime has its amazing moments like waking up to a snowfall or seeing frost on the evergreens, but it comes with major headaches like trying to keep your skin hydrated and healthy while constantly being hit by freezing cold, dry air.

Here is my updated morning routine with new products to help combat dry skin and keep it glowing and healthy like I always do when it's not sub-zero temperatures.


Be kind to your skin and gently with it.

I start off by using a gentle cleanser that is going to wash away any leftover serums or creams from the night but continue to add moisture to my face. I like to use a milk or gel based cleanser because they are powerful enough to remove any excess dirt or oils but soft enough to not cause any over drying or flaking.  

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser.
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Leaves your skin feeling the smoothest.

Exfoliate? In the morning? Okay--But hear me out! A rice powder based exfoliate is OK to do in the morning because it's activated once you add a little bit of warm water and turn it into a soft paste. I usually do this to smooth out my skin and remove any dead skin from the drying lotion I use the night before. And--it provides a soft and evened-out base for my makeup. I currently can't get enough of the Tatcha Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder, but I go back and forth between that one and the Boscia Tsubaki Exfoliating Powder. 

Tatcha Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder - for Dry Skin
***Beauty Note: this comes in two other formulas--one for oily skin and another for normal/combo skin. I go between the normal and dry skin one when using this.


Even out your complexion while maintaining a healthy pH balance. 

My toner for the morning is a concoction of different facial sprays and actual toners because each spray and toner has it's purpose of helping with redness and hydration and so on, but I'm going to keep it real simple and just help you out with the toner that I use every morning. The Caudalie Beauty Elixir is my newfound love thanks to my beautiful coworker, Rachael, who introduced it to me (hi, love!). It gives my skin an instant burst of radiance, like it claims to, and it also helps with redness, minimizing pores, and keeping the skin locked with moisture. I also spray some Mario Badescu Rose Facial Spray because why not? It smells amazing, and let's be honest, I'm a sucker for anything rose.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir


For those pesky breakouts we experience from time to time. 

This is something I solely do because my skin breaks out often, but I use tea tree oil to treat blemishes and any breakouts. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil


Hydrate those under eyes, baby. 

I have super dry under eyes in general, so it honestly helps to go the extra step to ensure that my under eyes are hydrated properly by using a separate eye cream before my actual moisturizers. And too, it's important to use an eye cream because the skin under everyone's eyes is delicate and some creams are way too harsh to use as both. This also helps my concealers to go on smoothly and not to dry out and crease! I use two in the morning because I'm extra. 

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado 

Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream  


Feed your skin with fast absorbing nutrients that last all day.

Lately I've been using a serum to penetrate my skin faster than my moisture creams and to provide a sticky base for my makeup. Serums are most effective in directly putting in all of the good stuff into your skin without the excess oily feeling OR producing excess oils. Win-win. 

Farsali Unicorn Essence Serum
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And don't you forget it!

The part we've all been waiting for. Now, I use several moisturizers to A) actually moisturize my skin, and to B) make my skin feel plump, slightly tacky, and hydrated to the point where it almost feels wet and you can see it glisten. I tend to use moisturizers with ingredients such as aloe, bee venom, vitamin complexes, antioxidants, fatty oils, and roses and that keep my skin hydrated throughout the day and provide a good base for my makeup. Here are my current obsessions. 

Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisture Cream

fresh Vitamin Nectar Moisture Glow
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Good makeup means nothing if you don't have a well prepped base.

I usually end my morning routine with prep for my makeup routine. It's crucial for me to make sure that my lips are moisturized and prepped for any lipsticks that I might wear and that my face has the right plumped-up, cushion-y feel for a perfect makeup base.

Glossier The Balm Dotcom Original

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base

Thank you loves for reading, leave me comments down below about some of your favorite skin care products for the winter! And don't forget to subscribe to be updated when I post. x

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