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Not all rosewater is created equal, and I learned that from the moment I unboxed the stunning glass bottle of rosewater that resembles a rose from Vie Beauty to the first cool spritz. Fresh rose petals danced in the bottle, adding to its luxe aesthetic and more importantly to the freshness of the rosewater. It may seem like a given, but I never knew that rosewater could smell like 30 roses with each and every use and even weeks after having it.

As someone who is obsessed with the benefits of roses for dry and dull skin, I always bought rose infused products. There’s one product in particular that comes to mind when talking about rose infused mists or toners, and it’s the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater. It is a popular skincare pick-me-up in the beauty world used to tone and hydrate the skin throughout the day or set your makeup in place. I used to use it religiously until I was introduced to Vie Beauty’s 30Roses Hydrating Rosewater by @diamondalicia_ on Instagram, and from that moment on I realized that I was missing out on what real rosewater spray felt like on my face.

30Roses Hydrating Rosewater is just that. It’s formulated with a high potency of fresh roses and is a hydrating facial mist that not only hydrates the skin but rejuvenates, balances the pH, and reduces the inflammation of the skin. This facial mist is made completely organic, cruelty free, and eco friendly. It is suited for all skin types of all ages and skin conditions. I personally experience hormonal breakouts from time to time and have dry, sensitive skin, and it works wonders to calm and sooth it, while also leaving a dewy glow. I use it first thing in the morning and then to set my makeup. I also use it as a part of my nighttime skincare routine.

The beautiful glass rose bottle is 85mL full and vanity worthy. The packaging and design is thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing enough on its own, but the contents inside the bottle are holy grail worthy. Priced at $36 USD, 30Roses Hydrating Rosewater is a crisp and refreshing gamechanger for facial mists.

The best part? Vie Beauty is a Black woman-owned business housed in Atlanta, Georgia! Jasmine Lewis, the founder of Vie Beauty, is transforming everyday rituals into luxury experiences, while using a clean and minimal approach, and I’m here for it.

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