Over the past few weeks, I've been receiving a surprisingly high number of messages asking me the same question: How do you edit your Instagram stories? I'm not going to lie, at first, I was hesitant on telling my little secret on how I create such clean and beautiful looking Insta stories, but then I realized how silly I sounded. It's best to share the magic with everyone else since there's plenty of it!

Having aesthetically pleasing fonts and layouts for your IG stories not only sets you apart from others and boosts your engagement, but it helps create a sense of cohesion for your page. These past few months I've stepped up my IG stories game by taking a little bit more time out to curate my stories. I now approach my stories similarly to my feed. This way I know that I have eye-catching content on both parts of Instagram. Whether or not my audience only sees my stories or just my feed posts, they have content worth interacting with wither way.

Think about it--you probably spend more time checking IG stories more than you do scrolling through your feed. It's way quicker, and you still get an idea of what everyone is up to! That being the case, you should want your stories to reflect what your followers typically see on your feed or at least speak to your personality. 

With all of that being said, I know that you're all wanting to know the secret to creating aesthetically pleasing IG stories, so let's just get right into it! Here are the apps I currently use to create beautiful IG stories.

*Disclaimer: The apps mentioned are free to download and offer a trial period. However, they offer in app purchases or subscriptions that allow you to use the app to the fullest. I have subscriptions to these. 


Best for writing in stylistic fonts and creating mood boards. Works with both images and videos.

This is the app I use 9 times out of 10 for my stories. It's easy and quick to use once you create one template. I use this to my advantage by filming or taking a photo with an Instagram story filter, saving it, and then replacing my previous video or image in the template with my new media. I pay for the subscription to have access to all of the graphics, fonts, and layout choices. Personally, I think it's worth the money. As a blogger and fashion student, I use it to give my social pages a more professional feel with its high quality graphics. I especially love all of the font choices, which has the power to make even my boring coffee stories seemingly more interesting. 


Best for story layouts, backgrounds/frames, and adding stickers like tape. It also has a good font selection. Works with both images and videos.  

When it comes to creating stories with more than one image or video, I typically use Unfold+. This one is pretty common and easy to use. It's quite minimal, which I like, but it also has some layouts to give your photos a film or journal like feel.

If you have any questions about how to use the apps, I'm more than happy to help! Leave me a comment on here or send me a message on Instagram, and I'll be sure to respond. X

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